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Mystery Guest with The Busy Queen Bee

The JHA has been working closely with Claire Boscq-Scott, The Busy Queen Bee and we are delighted to offer another new benefit to members of the JHA, to demonstrate the support and commitment from Claire as a JHA member and business partner.

Measuring your customer service tells you where you are now, and how you measure up against your competition. That's why Mystery Guest is used to evaluate and measure your current level of customer service, this important benchmark helps you to identify gaps in your service delivery and set your strategy going forward.

How it works?
Mystery Guest is the evaluation, measurement and reporting of customer service standards by use of agents acting as if they were customers. We will bespoke a questionnaire for each of your department following your own brand standards, and then send our shoppers to report on the service received during their visits.

Why Use Mystery Guest?
Improved customer service is one way to increase profitability. Repeat business is a key profit-maker by saving on unnecessary expenditure such as advertising.

Mystery Guest will:
• delivers a cost-effective method of monitoring your customer service standards
• is an efficient way of identifying staff in need of further training
• produces a regular summary of strengths and weaknesses which can become your action plan
• an effective deterrent against dishonesty, poor service or bad practice
• is a way of identifying retail outlets which are under-performing
• should be used as part of employees’ yearly appraisal
• will increase employees’ wellbeing by celebrating success

Mystery Guest is the key to keep companies informed and can identify improvements or any necessary changes required for a more positive customer experience.
Claire Boscq-Scott and her team follow the standards set by the AA and the RAC to enable you to receive consistent measurement of the service provided in your hotel, restaurant or bar on any other hospitality related business.

The Checker system used is very versatile and enables you to access the results online as soon as the visit has been performed.
Needless to say JHA members are being offered specially reduced packages only available to members of the Association, more detailed information can be found by opening the Offer from the Busy Queen Bee These rates are discounted at 20% (or more for some services) for JHA members.

What next?
If you want more information, please contact Claire direct on or call her to arrange a complimentary consultation 07797 828950.