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Serviced accommodation members will be offered a 20% discount on TripAdvisor business listings.

This is only available to JHA members as such if anyone is interested they should let us know in the first instance and TripAdvisor will then organise a sales rep to give you a courtesy call and to pick things up with you directly.

With regard to TripAdvisor, the links below may be very useful to our members:

1. Slidedeck (please note that this link will only be available for a few weeks)
2. TripAdvisor Insights – this is the best resource for SMEs who'd like top tips / how to guides.
3. Help Centre – how to use the management centre / manage listings etc.
4. TripAdvisor customer services phone number: +44(0) 203 318 5019
5. Business Listings product overview
6. TripConnect certified partners
7. How to set up a TripConnect campaign