Delicious Jersey

1st October – 12th November 2023

Dear Fellow Lovers of Local Food & Drink!

We are delighted to send you further details of the Delicious Dine-Out Festival 2023 which is part of Delicious Jersey, the new year-long partnership with All Island Media to promote and celebrate local food and drink.

Dine-Out Festival is the autumn festival component encouraging both locals and visitors to eat and drink out, while celebrating local food and drink, highlighting those that produce and serve it. It will be promoted across the Jersey Evening Post and Bailiwick Express, and a printed supplement featuring the menus / dish(es) of participating restaurants, cafes, pubs, coffee shops, takeaways etc as well as information on local produce, producers, farmers, fishers, food waste, soil health, will be sent to every address in the last week of September.

All you need to do to take part in Delicious Dine-Out Festival is be a paid-up member of the JHA (membership starts from as little as £20 per month) and have a menu or dish submission that has a local ingredient as its primary focus.

The Dine-Out Festival has been designed so that local food and drink can be showcased and offered by any business, not just full service restaurants.

The rules are simple:
1. If you are offering a set menu, at least one in each category of your starters, main courses and desserts must feature a local ingredient as the primary focus.
2. If you don’t offer set menus, your featured dish(es) / product must primarily showcase a local ingredient.

Note: Your submissions will be checked to confirm that your ‘local’ ingredients are actually local! Please share the name of the farmer, fisher, grower, producer as well if you wish. The more info on the local ingredients the better, we will be linking these ingredients in digital format to their source to highlight the people and businesses behind them.

Forms must be submitted no later than midnight on 15th September 2023. The printed supplement will be distributed ten days later.

Please click on this link when you are ready to fill in the form –

What you will get from taking part in the Dine-Out Festival and Delicious Jersey.

This is a partnership with All Island Media (AIM), the parent company of the JEP and Bailiwick Express, and it has considerable reach across the advertising and promotional platforms in Jersey which include print, digital and social media. By taking part, your business will be featured on these platforms, representing significant value. We will also share and create posts on our social media channels including new @deliciousjersey and @dineoutfestival profiles.

AIM will support its promotional activity with editorial content on eating local food, local producers, farmers, fishers, the local supply chain, food waste, soil health, seasonality etc.

A Delicious Jersey website is currently in the final stages of development and we hope to have it running next week. To begin with, It will feature all of the businesses taking part in the Dine-Out Festival and their offerings, and will have interactive elements allowing diners to find locations on a map, and to vote for their favourites. Awards will be given out based on the public’s votes at an event we are planning for later next year. More on that to come!

Dine-Out Festival is the first step. The Jersey Food Festival, again part of Delicious Jersey, is being planned for the Spring and we are working with Visit Jersey to set up tent-pole events to attract visitors and locals. Community engagement and education will focus throughout the year on joining up hospitality, agriculture, fisheries, education, public health and government.

Please spread the word to all your contacts who are linked to local food and drink, whether they are a member of the JHA or not, as we are sure they will not want to miss out.

Finally, there are some amazing marketing opportunities to feature your business in the publicity that will be generated by Delicious Jersey and the Dine-Out Festival. Please contact Ana and Marcus who can give you more information and put you in touch with our partners at AIM – [email protected].