Restructuring of the JHA Agreed

Friday 16th December 2022
by: admin

The JHA Committee is pleased to announce that it has agreed to a major restructure of the Association. The hospitality industry consists of many different business groups and to provide better representation, a proposal to create sub-sectors within the JHA has been approved.

Following their appointment as Co-CEOs in September, Ana and Marcus Calvani have been working on a new structure to get more members involved and make the JHA the single, united voice of the hospitality industry.

Sub-sector groups that reflect the different business interests of members will be set up, each providing a chair that will sit on a newly restructured board giving each sub-sector of the industry an equal voice.

Marcus Calvani said: “Our job is to restructure this organisation so that it is fit for purpose now and in another twenty years. We also need to make sure that the JHA is the single united voice that represents the entire hospitality industry across the Island. Hospitality is far more than just tourism; it is the integral industry to the quality of life that all Islander’s experience on a daily basis. It is vital that the Association represents all the sub-sectors of our diverse industry, and the true extent of its reach across our island. To do that, we believe that a restructure of the JHA is needed. This new structure will enable the JHA to truly represent the entire hospitality industry in a balanced way.

Over the coming weeks, the JHA will be starting the restructure process by inviting its members to form groups from each sub-sector.

Ana Calvani said:We are hoping that the sub-sector groups will get going straight away but we are planning for this to happen over a number of months. The key part of this is that all sectors are represented equally, and each sub-sector will have a vote. We want them to get involved and to use the platform as their voice. Being part of this industry should also be about having fun while working, so we are also setting up role specific clubs so that members can meet, network, share ideas and receive

targeted support from qualified and relevant partner companies. We were keen to make sure that we increase the value of being a JHA member as well.

Tim Hubert, Chair of the JHA Committee, said: “Ana and Marcus have been meeting members, stakeholders and government officials to help them build up a clear picture of how the JHA needs to operate now and in the future. This new strategy will give our members greater ownership of the JHA, letting them play a part in shaping the future direction that the hospitality industry goes in. The Committee and I are excited to see how our members will respond to this positive step forward by the JHA and how this new structure will help emphasise the diversity, size and importance of our hospitality industry on Island.