Restructuring of the JHA Agreed

The JHA Committee is pleased to announce that it has agreed to a major restructure of the Association. The hospitality industry consists of many different business groups and to provide better representation, a proposal to create sub-sectors within the JHA has been approved. Following their appointment as Co-CEOs in September, Ana and Marcus Calvani have […]


Zach Lewy, Founder, CEO & CIO of Arrow Global, and Jersey residents talk about his ideas and views for the future strategy of our Island’s hospitality industry as part of the JHA Strategy Lunch at the 2023 AGM.

New Co-CEOs to lead JHA

Two hospitality business owners will jointly lead the Jersey Hospitality Association as Co-CEOs. Ana and Marcus Calvani are taking over from Claire Boscq who announced she was stepping down as Chief Executive Officer in July. Claire who joined the team in September last year is spending the next few weeks with Ana and Marcus to […]